Our story started in 2015 with one woman's search for a better sex drive, and expanded into a mission to help every womxn understand the science behind sexual desire and use it to transform their sex and love lives.


Our vision is for every womxn to have the tools, knowledge and power to navigate the ups and downs of sexual desire with compassion, understanding and confidence.

We have four simple truths that we hold dear...

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Our desire to have sex rises and falls in response to what's going on in our lives. It's known as a "biopsychosocial" process, which means it is affected by biological, psychological and social factors.

It's normal for Desire to fluctuate*

If you're not in the mood for sex, there is a valid reason why

Women's desire dipping is often a very natural and normal response to what's going on in their lives.


It makes SENSE that you might not fancy sex if you've just had a baby, or you're under lots of work pressure, or your relationship doesn't feel quite right. 

You’re not broken, dysfunctional or unusual if you're disinterested in sex (even if you feel like it sometimes!).


Understanding HOW desire *really*worksmeans...

  • You have more understanding and self-compassion about where you're at and what you need

  • This leads to more empowered conversations about sex and less pressure to have sex you don't want

  • Which equals happier relationships and more pleasurable sex!

If we change the narrative about desire, we change the world. 

"Half of women have a low sex drive. So maybe the problem isn't women- it's our view of sexuality"- Sarah Barmak

If we reframe low sexual desire as a feminist issue we transform how we understand and define a low libido, how we approach sex, and it provides a pathway to a radical new way of being that suggests gender equity can be established through centring women's sexual pleasure.



Side Note:


*There is a HUGE assumption in our society that everyone has a sex drive, desires sex, or would be distressed if they didn't. However for many people this just isn't the case.


Some people identify as A-Sexual, and may have little to no sexual attraction to others. Some have sex, some don’t- it’s a personal choice.


Others just aren't that interested in sex- and that's OK. 

If you think this fits your experience, some great resources to visit include:

The MOST important thing is that you are happy with the sexual experience.

But if you’re dissatisfied with your current sex drive and you want to know why your desire is low (and what to do about it) that, dear friends, is where our courses come in...