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The Five Elements of Desire



Looking for an easy, step-by-step guide to getting back your sex drive?

The Five Elements of Desire is a beginners guide to understanding sexual desire, which will take you on a step by step journey to (re)discovering your sex drive.
Jam-packed with 10+ hours of videos, tips, tools and information, this online course will introduce a revolutionary new framework for understanding yourself and your desires, where we'll take the mystery out of why your libido is low + provide you with a personalised roadmap for how you can re-ignite it.
You'll learn:
  • the science behind how desire actually works (+ why IT MAKES TOTAL SENSE if you've lost interest in sex)
  • that *you* have the power to activate desire (once you know the five elements that shape it)
  • and the five pathways that lay out a clear map to how you can (re) connect to your sexual desire.  Each map summarises the advice + approach from hundreds of experts in the field (+ provides onwards links + resources) so you can quickly and easily find what works for you.
The Five Elements of Desire reveals everything you need to know about your libido, outlines a powerful way to take control of it, and has all the tools you need to improve your sexual health and happiness. 
​Ready to take your sex life to the next level? 

you'll Learn how to...

💣 Re-connect to your sexual desire using our powerful (& memorable) 5 step framework that you can apply to your sex life anytime you need it.
💌 Transform your relationship- Stop bedtime conflict with helpful strategies to guide you and your partner when/if you're not in the mood.
Feel more alive- Put the spark and electricity back into your sex life using 100s of research-based tools and techniques.

You'll Gain...

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It'll make perfect sense to you why you're not in the mood. Spoiler alert... you're not broken!

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Discover what extinguishes and what ignites your libido- so you know what you want + need in bed (+ how to ask for it!).



Discover your own pathway to re-igniting your sexual desire, whatever life throws your way!

+ PLUS! Instant access to...

💥 A fool-proof technique you can use TONIGHT to start wanting sex. 
📚 125+ A4 downloadable pages of expert-approved strategies and techniques to help you re-ignite desire.


🎤A powerful tool that will open up and guide conversations with your partner about what you want and need from sex.

A Sneaky peek at the content

Take this course because...

Lots of resources about sexual desire only give half of the story.
What they won't tell you is that what started your disinterest in sex isn't usually what is keeps you disinterested...
You can't look at the causes of a low sex drive individually- the key is how they interact + influence each other...
And experiencing a dip in desire is creating other dynamics in your sex + love life that are adding to the problem...
​Created from 4+ yrs of research + lived experience (so we know this approach works!) this course will cover how you can STOP unhelpful sexual dynamics in in their tracks, and START enjoying a happier sex life with a blueprint for how to spark your libido that brings together the BEST expert advice + techniques available.
I can't wait to share it with you 🤍