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At Desired State we run workshops, courses and learning circles designed to transform your sex and love life by helping you reclaim your sexual desire.

Grab some tea (or a gin!) and a pen- we're about to go on one of the best rides of your life...

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Join the Five Elements of Desire course and:​

  • Get the low-down on the science behind your sex drive and how it *really* works, so you understand how to harness the power of your own desires

  • Discover tools and resources to express and explore your needs with your partner (stopping conflict and pressure around sex in its tracks and ensuring you're only having sex you truly want)

  • Learn a powerful framework for desire so that you can identify what fuels and extinguishes your passion, and the strategies to reignite it when you want to. 

Ready to understand your sex drive and take control of your sex life?

Module one is now *FREE* and if you decide you'd like to continue on the course you can 

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